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VW Mk2 Hood Release Handle


In the middle of last year, I attempted to purchase a new OEM hood release handle for my 1989 Mk2 GLI. The good folks at ECS Tuning were unable to track one down anywhere in the whole country. They tried for weeks and gave it their all. I shrugged and moved on to other things.

I just happened to be on eBay this weekend looking for a suitable keychain for the GLI when I came accross a Mk3 Jetta hood release handle in the "related listings" area of one of the keychain listings. It was about $10 shipped and the piece of the assembly that mounts to the body of the car looked very similar to the Mk2 part. So I pulled the trigger.

It works!

My GLI has a hood release lever for the first time since I've owned it and the grille is back on for the first time since I originally got the car home. The folks at ECS did track me down the OEM washers and sheet metal screws that hold the lever on. The Mk2 pieces fit right into the Mk3 lever assembly. I have never held a Mk2 lever in my hand but based on the pictures I've seen the Mk3 lever seems a bit more substantial. Hopefully I won't have to get under the hood as much as I have been and I can actually enjoy the car a bit before summer sets in.