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One way to run rails migrations on GCP app engine


Running migrations during the release process for any reasonably complicated Rails application

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12 month recap -- what difference does a year make?


When I last posted, I had just submitted a pull request to Heroku. After a bit of deliberation, they accepted and released version 0.0.2 of rails12factor. That was somewhat exciting. It's my one and only accepted pull request on github by a stranger.

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x_sendfile_header -- why my Heroku app won't serve static assets


Heroku used to do three magical configuration steps for Rails 3 applications that no longer work with Rails 4 apps due to the removal of support for vendor/plugins. With the rails_12factor gem for Rails 4 apps they only added two magical steps back.

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How to easily run rake tasks in separate jobs on Travis-CI


I have started experimenting with Travis-CI for running the tasks that our homegrown CI server currently handles. There is definitely a learning curve in terms of configuration and how the various build tasks have to be tweaked to thrive within the Travis ecosystem. That all seems to be going ok. But there was one thing I really wanted Travis to do for us and that took a few minutes to figure out so I thought I'd document it here for posterity.

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First Post


The road to digital hell is paved with abandoned blogs. Hopefully this is the time I stick with it.

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